Pre-register for the September 2020 show before the deadline of Thursday, August 20, 2020!  You will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.  We will be mailing your badges to your store if you pre-register by this date.  You will receive your badges the week of September 1, 2020.  Pick up your badge holder at the show.  Badges must be worn throughout the show; they enable you to receive buyer amenities at the show.


We respectfully request that, if you are experiencing any signs of fever, cough or respiratory issues,  please do not attend the show.  We greatly appreciate this at this unprecedented time.

New $119.00 Embassy Suites rate through August 20, 2020.


Things to Know About the Show

Exhibitors show for two, three or four days of each show.  Schedule your appointments in advance to insure social distancing guidelines.


Exhibitors show for two, three, or four days of each show.  Schedule your show days in advance.

We have created an online directory for you this year due to the ebb and flow of the virus. For this show you will find an online directory (none will be mailed this year). It will be available approximately four weeks prior to the show.  Buyers will receive an email with the link.  You can also search the Directory of Exhibitors by typing any keyword in the search box.   Click "Reset” to return to the complete directory.

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