Exhibitor Contract

By Appointment ONLY









Shoe exhibitors in the suites may choose to show for two or three days. All other suite exhibitors show for three days. Three-day exhibitors pay for four nights at the hotel. Two-day exhibitors pay for three nights at the hotel. Only ballroom exhibitors may show for four days. 




Ballroom/Booth Exhibitors MUST make their own hotel reservations.  Click here for the link to the Embassy Suites.  If you are exhibiting in a suite, NMA will make your hotel reservation.



If you must cancel out of the show, refer to our Show Rules and Regulations for NMA's policy.  Embassy Suites rooms must be cancelled with a cancellation number obtained 30 days prior to arrival to avoid a cancellation fee (total anticipated room + tax).  If the reservation is not cancelled and the guest fails to arrive as scheduled, a no-show fee will be applied (total anticipated room + tax).

*Cancellation Policy Exception:

In the event of another outbreak of the virus, you will receive a 100 percent refund on your fees paid for the show, including your show and equipment fees.

EXHIBIT SPACE (Temporary changes due to COVID-19)

The hotel has done a terrific job of reshaping/reorganizing space to conform with Phase 2 requirements.  Our new layout will mean changes for our exhibitors.  Some will be displaced.  Some will be asked to move to suites.

Lobby reps will be moved to suites should they want to participate.  They will get their Lobby space back once we are back to “normal.”

Ballroom spaces will be assigned via “seniority”.  Some ballroom reps will be re-assigned to suites for this show.  They will get their regular space back once we are back to “normal”.

Optional add-ons:

Virtual Hot Items: 2 for $15 (no limit)

We will create a virtual Hot Item Display on our website and social media platforms!

On Ad Contract:

Deadline July 13, 2020

Because of our extended show deadline and the Covid-19 virus there will be no physical printed directory sent out to buyers. However, we will create the directory and place it online for all to see. A special email will be sent to buyers with the link:  Sample: https://issuu.com/gwodzin2/docs/nma_march_2020_directory


Ads will also be placed on the rotating carousel on our website, in social media posts and on TV screens in the Atrium!


  • If the application will not let you proceed to check-out, there is likely a missing required field.  Please review your form and find that field.

  • For best results use Google Chrome on a desktop computer.  Handheld devices do not work as well.

  • If you start an application but are not ready to submit, hit SAVE FOR LATER and copy the provided link into a Word Document.  When you are ready to continue your application, open a new browser window and past the URL from your document into the address bar.  Make any necessary edits to your form and proceed to payment.  Only paid applications are considered for space assignment.


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