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Exhibitor Directory

Our exhibitors show for two, three or four days.  Schedule your appointments in advance and see the directory for the number of days an exhibitor will show.  You can search the Directory of Exhibitors by typing any keyword in the search box.  Click "Reset” to return to the complete directory.

To view the March 2023, directory in BOOK FORMAT CLICK HERE!

Exhibitors currently shown participated in the March 2023 show.  Over 80% of exhibitors will show in September 2023.  The September 2023 directories will be on this site approximately four weeks before the show.

"Thank you, Linda, for such an amazing show you put on. No one does it like YOU and your team!"

Jackie Bartolo

West Coast Sales Manager, Velvet Heart


"There truly was something special about this show.  The magic of this event stems and flows from your heart and head. You inspire us to immerse ourselves in the details. You inspire the exhibitors to share a sense of community and excellence in what might otherwise be “just another show.”  The buyers feel it. The hotel team feels it. We’re left feeling tired and satisfied and inspired by the reminder that doing our work well can make a difference in people’s lives."

Scott Youngblood

Past Hotel General Manager


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